Going Global

Sounds of Brazil – Worldwide entertainment agency goes International!

We are a dynamic worldwide entertainment-booking agency with more than 6 years in the market from the world hub that is Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

After these years specializing in supplying great talents and artists for hotels and restaurants, hospitality companies, event planning companies and private functions, we have developed amazing skills that allow us to expand our horizons and take excellent care of clients from all across the globe.

Sounds of Brazil Global Entertainment Agency will be more than happy to assist you with

  • Headline acts & artists for cruise line entertainment
  • Complete events for private functions on & off-shore
  • Exciting acts for corporate entertainment & hospitality

We represent world-class artists, create sensational shows and delight audiences across the world. We also pride ourselves on discovering and developing new talent to showcase to our clients.

Among our expertizes and high quality service standards that we are renowned for, our dedication and commitment place us in a very important position: in the heart of our clients and artists.

We pride ourselves on not keeping a huge database of artists, we are super selective on who we provide our clients with as we only aim the best entertainment.

We strive to be the fastest responding agency too. We understand your needs and respect your time: we do our best to get back to you within minutes and keep you up to date on all areas of the booking process, every step of the way. It doesn’t matter where you are. We are connected and working hard to deliver nothing less than the best solution for your request, be it for a band, a duet, a dance set, magician performance, kids entertainment, you name it!

About Entertainment…

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience’s attention.

It’s not only from Wikipedia. The meaning of live entertainment that stays true to us is the same: to give pleasure and delight. That’s why Sounds of Brazil strives in being not only one more Booking-entertainment agency, but we strive to be the best!

Sounds of Brazil is an Event Management Company conceived in 2011 and set up to provide top rate performers worldwide. Already recognized as a Company that consistently delivers a high standard of service, Sounds of Brazil maintains a unique relationship with clients and artists alike helping to ensure outstanding results.

We offer a variety of skilled performers for both private and corporate occasions, specializing in one off events such as opening parties and product launches as well as longer-term contracts for Hotels and Restaurants. We have a diverse range of Musicians catering for all tastes including Bossa Nova, Jazz, Pop, chill out, Latin, classical and international not forgetting our samba, salsa, flamenco, tango, capoeira and belly dancers.

We are the best partners to food and beverage professionals, event planners, corporate PR, hotel managers, and so many hospitality professionals. We listen, we care, we follow up and respect our clients and their needs.

At Sounds of Brazil, each and every request comes in as a very important one! Why don’t you try out our services and be one of our happy and very satisfied clients?

It doesn’t matter where you and your business are: with offices and partners all across the globe, it may be anywhere, everywhere.

Nice to meet. We are Sounds of Brazil!

Sounds of Brazil – Worldwide entertainment agency – was established in 2011 set out to fill a gap in the Dubai market.

Recognized as a company that consistently delivers a high standard of service, Sounds of Brazil has a unique and personable approach to live entertainment such as multi functional events, theme parties, private functions, product launches, corporate events as well as providing the best and most suitable talents for fixed contracts with hospitality leaders, thus being able to cater to both the public and commercial sectors. We have a whole host of fantastic new and professional performers ready to mesmerize your audience.

Being an event agency in Dubai among the leaders within our sector, variety and extensive option menus are our mantra: Bands, Trios, Duets or solo artists playing across a variety of styles like Jazz, Chill-Out, Pop, Classical, Tango, Flamenco, Brazilian Bossa Nova, R&B, Traditional Arab instruments, along with a set of performances like Brazilian Samba Dance, Belly Dance, Aerial Silk Dance, Capoieira Mash Up, Street Dance, Traditional/local dances (Italian, German, Portuguese and so on). Moreover, we can conceptualize and create unique sets specially for your venue/function. We know it Sounds great. Because it is, and we sound unique, we sound committed, we sound creative. We are Sounds of Brazil!

Our offices in Brazil, Dubai and UK enable us to work closely to clients based all around the world. Quick response, dedication and attention are the least one can expect from us. Always enjoying a challenge, we are passionate about creating outstanding entertainment that delights our clients and their guests. Sounds of Brazil represent world-class artists and delight audiences across the globe. We also pride ourselves on discovering and developing new talents!

Be part of our show. Join our very happy clients like Sheraton, Kempinsky, Ferrari World, Etihad Airways, Sofitel, Rixos, Ramada Plaza, Vale International and Zurique, just to name a few.

Get in touch and let’s rock!